Writing Tips
Approach writing with the Write Mindset

Having the write mindset means that every time you sit down to write you will enjoy writing, it won’t feel like a chore and you won’t find yourself having writer’s block.

  1. Bring your time and attention to this moment
  2. Play with your story when you are away from writing, let the ideas flow
  3. Writing is a process, focus on one step at a time
    1. get the story written
    2. walk away
    3. play with your story
    4. come back with fresh eyes
    5. do the rewrites and create the story you imagined it to be
Schedules or Cues
  1. Set up time to write – at least three to five times a week
    1. guard that time
    2. show up to write
    3. does not have to be the same time every time
    4. 30 minutes is a great start
  2. Cue time to write
    1. set up a this happens then I write
      1. first thing in the morning, get out of bed and write
      2. as soon as the news is over, I write
      3. as soon as I’ve cleaned up the dishes, I write
      4. The 20 minutes, I’m always waiting for this…, I’ll write
The Write Process
  1. Show up to write
  2. bring your focus to the present
  3. write, don’t edit
  4. know that your first draft won’t sound great
  5. before you quit writing – make notes, be clear on where your story is going or problem areas
  6. play with your story while away from writing
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