Writing Resources

Productivity / Creativity
Free Resources
Google Calendar

I use this to keep track of my meetings and deadlines.

Google Keep

I use this to create a list of all the things I need to do.


Website: https://trello.com/

I use this to break down my goals into steps, what do I need to do and when do I need to do it by.


Website: Dropbox

I use this to store documents and share with others, for reading, for editing, for collaborating, for download.


Website: https://www.canva.com/

I use this to create images for blog posts and social media

Acronym Finder

Website: Acronym Finder

I haven’t used this yet but it sounds pretty helpful.

Writing Programs/Software
Some free and some paid Resources

Scrivener (for Mac or PC)

Website: Scrivener



I love Scrivener I use it for writing my novels and even for projects that I’m doing.

It’s a great way to stay organized and keep all your information in one place.

Microsoft Word

Website: Microsoft

I use this quite a bit still but not for writing my novels anymore. I used to but since I found Scrivener I’ve switched over. Word is still a good program for writing your novels in though. And I do still use it for editing and for sending to my beta team and editor.

Pro Writing Aid

Website: Prowritingaid

I find this quite useful for editing, finding weak sentences, too many cliches or repeated phrases, etc. Decide what you like or don’t like from it’s advice.

Open Office

Website: Open Office

I use to use this for the word program. It is very similar to Microsoft’s word but this is free.

Bubble Us

Website: Bubble Us

This is great for mapping out your story. Just be careful not to get hooked on it and stay there. Pretty cool

Hemingway Editor

Website: Hemingway Editor

This is great tool for editing smaller pieces of writing. It gives some good insightful feedback about your writing. Decide what you like or don’t like. 

Writing, Publishing & Marketing
Some free and some paid Resources
BooksGo Social

Website: BooksGo Social

If you use their services, tell them Glenna sent you and get 10% discount. Or contact me and I’ll give you the coupon.

Books Go Social is really helpful hub for authors. I use them for a number of promotions of my books. They send out to their massive email list, they do a twitter campaign, they promote in their facebook group and they have masterclasses. The best part is they are very supportive and helpful for authors.

The Novel Business

Website: thenovelbusiness.com

shares information, tips and courses designed to help both traditional and self-published authors achieve greater success in marketing, promoting and selling their books. Sign up for their free blog or register for Premium membership to unlock the keys to success today.



Website: Lumen5

Lumen5 is an easy way to create simple videos that are great for use on social media.


Book Brush

Website: Book Brush

Similar to Canva, this is a graphics creation site, but it’s specifically for books and book promotions.

Ecover Authority

Website: Ecover Authority

I use Ecover Authority to create 3D graphics of my books. It’s easy to use, and the end graphics are quite good.

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I use Siteground web hosting. I have found them to be really good. They provide good information, support and security.

Click on the picture or click here to learn more.



I use Divi, built by Elegant Themes, on five different websites. I am not super tech savy and had only ever done a few websites before – wordpress.com and through wix. I found Divi so cool but there was a learning curve. But honestly with the changes they have made to it and with the new ones coming out, I think Divi is going to be able to be used by just about anyone. I love the flexibility it gives – no two sites look alike.

Divi WordPress Theme

Click on the picture or click here to learn more.

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