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Writing a Book What that Gives You

Glenna Mageau, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

Writing a book is not an easy feat or at least we often don’t believe it is. In truth a book can be written in as little time as a week. Let’s be clear though, this is the first draft and not at all ready to be published.

To complete writing a book, it all depends on what you’re writing and the time you put into it as to how long it will take. But let me tell you, writing a book is easier than you think and it is so amazing to write the book and then to have that copy in your hands. Amazing.


Why do you want to write a book?

It’s one thing to say that you want to write a book but it is a completely different thing to actually take the time to write it.

As I mentioned at the conference I attended recently, I learned of many people who have written books and many were for very different reasons. Do any of these resonate with you:


  1. to share your journey
  2. to make people laugh
  3. to inspire people
  4. to share your knowledge with others
  5. it’s a great business card
  6. it can bring you business
  7. makes you the expert
  8. to be able to say you did
  9. because it gives you a great sense of accomplishment
  10. to be discovered
  11. to make money
  12. to get clarity for yourself
  13. to raise money…


There are so many reasons to write.


Writing itself isn’t hard but getting started writing or keeping writing can be daunting. We make it way more difficult than it is.

At the conference I attended, I got to meet a really neat man, Tony Branch. He is better known as Coach Tony. Coach Tony set up a girls basketball team in a poor part of a city, where there wasn’t much hope or much for girls to do. To date he has managed to get 162 girls off to college or university. What makes him so amazing is the sacrifices he made to make that happen.

Have you heard of the show the TV reality Secret Millionaire? It aired a few years ago. The whole intent of the show was to take a wealthy person and have them go under cover for a week in a poor part of the city. This millionaire was expected to go and find good nonprofit organizations that were making a positive difference. Coach Tony was one of those individuals who was discovered. Since that show aired in 2011, James Malinchak, who was the secret millionaire that worked with Coach Tony for part of that week, has kept in touch with Coach Tony and has helped him in many ways. One of the ways was to get him to write a book and to sell it. The book has become not only Tony’s story but a way to fundraise.


Plan for writing

Tony Branch – Coach Tony

from TV show Secret Millionaire

I bought Coach Tony’s book and then tipped him with Canadian money. He loved it!

Coach Tony had never planned on writing a book or even really felt he wanted to write one. But he soon learned that it was a way to help raise money for a cause he believed in and loved.

Writing your book doesn’t have to be about you. In fact it might be better in some cases to think about the positive impact your book will have for others. Your story, whether fiction or nonfiction, is important to write.

I think one of the things that stops many people from writing is the fear that the critics will say something awful about what they’ve written. The truth is that it may or may not happen. There will always be the critics but there will also be those who are seeking to see the world a little differently. There are those who will love what you’ve written. Just imagine if what you wrote could help someone else. Forget the critics, they are just lost souls who see the world through negativity.

Do not let that be your reason not to write.

The truth is that many people I’ve met, who’ve written a book did so because they really believed in what they had to say, they had someone who either pushed them and said ‘you need to’ or they got someone to help keep them on track with writing it or they got someone to write it with them or for them. The point is that they found a way to get it written and get it published.

You decide what works for you but the truth is that writing a book does give you a sense of accomplishment, a new way of looking at things, a fabulous business card (if you wrote a book, you are in business), and a new role in life, that of an author.

“The truth is that it really isn’t hard to write a book what makes it difficult is getting over ourselves so we can do it.”

What would it take for you to write?

Do you need someone who guides you with your writing?

Do you need some purpose for your writing?

I’d love to hear what you discover about what you think you need so that you can get writing.

Write… no one will write like you do.


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