The Write


For Women


Learn to be the writer

you want to be!

Are You a Woman who….


is drawn to writing but is struggling to get started?

has started writing but don’t know where to go with it?

has a story to tell but don’t know how to get it written?

just can’t seem to keep going with writing?

telling yourself some day I will write?

I hear you and it doesn’t have to be like that!


Writing is something that can seem overwhelming and daunting.

You may feel that you were never good in English class…

or you don’t have any support…

or you don’t have time…

you feel you are too old…

you’re worried, what if people read it…

you tell yourself you’re not like (name a famous writer or author)…

it won’t sound good…

what will people think…

it’s not really that good…

that you really don’t know what you’re doing…

you may wonder who are you to write…


There are many reasons not to write and really only one why you should,

Because you are drawn to it!

It intrigues you, plays on your mind, is on your bucket/to do list…

Hi I am….

Glenna Mageau, award winning author, speaker, coach. I have written twenty books but I’ve only published five suspense thrillers. Why? Because I never thought I was good enough.

But I took the leap.

Now I am an award-winning author, speaker and coach. I have taught several writing courses, started the Women Writes Movement and have inspired many women to get writing. I want to show you how to get started with writing and to get over the hurdles holding you back.

The Write Workshop

Learn to be the writer that you want to be!

  • discover or expand your writing talent
  • use this opportunity to write and learn to get over the hurdles holding you back
  • opportunity to share
  • look at your writing in a new context
  • learn tips to help you tighten and make your story flow better
  • tips for how to keep your story going
  • learn the power of sharing
  • how to get started and how to keep writing
  • make writing part of your life

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What People Are Saying

“Everything!… loved the interactions, the exercises, the sharing of stories… Glenna kept it interesting and fun.”

Micki Findlay

“Amazing! Until today I have never shared any of my writing, let alone read it out loud to strangers!…”

Claire O'Connor

“Glenna has inspired me to write and “just write”!”

Jan Van Demeer

“Very useful. Great analysis. Enjoyed all. Really, really good.”

Fran D.

Still Have Questions?

I've never really written anything

That’s okay, this workshop will get you started writing. You don’t have to have written anything before, you just need to be curious about writing.

I've written something but don't know what to do with it

Congratulations. That is so awesome. This course is about how to get writing and keep writing and how to look at your writing differently.

I was never any good in English class

This workshop will help you to understand that you can write. That you are a writer. Writing and the rules of the English language are two different things. Writing is about how to get your ideas, you story down on paper so that you have something to play with. All the English language rules can be fixed in the rewrites. Editors are wonderful for that.

I don't know if writing is for me

Writing is so wonderful, it is a great way to open your imagination, to expand your creativity and it is cathartic. I truly believe that writing can help you deal with any stress, struggle and expand the joy in your life.

I want to write but don't have time

I show you some quick and easy steps about how to get started writing and how to make it part of your routine, so that it isn’t overwhelming or another thing to add to your ‘to do’ list.

I was always told I wasn't any good at writing

Truthfully so was I. I never felt like I wrote good stories or was a good writer but I’ve learned to be. Like anything you want to be good at you need to put some time into it and you need to approach it the right way. I want to show you some easy steps you can follow that will get you writing and keep your interest in writing.

Your Chance to join The Write Workshop for Only $47 Goes Away in:








If you are not comfortable with paypal, contact me to discuss other payment options – cash, etransfer, cheque, the square.

Can’t wait to see you at the workshop.

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