The Write Workshop For Women

Get started writing today!

Are You a Woman who is ready to get writing?

Do you

have a story to tell? feel drawn to writing but you’re struggling to get started? write but don’t know where to go with it? tell yourself some day I will write?

I hear you and it doesn’t have to be like that!


Writing is something that can seem overwhelming and daunting.


You may feel that you were never good in English class…

You don’t have time…

You’re worried, what if people read it…

You’re worried it doesn’t sound good…

that you really don’t know what you’re doing… you may wonder who are you to write…   There are many reasons not to write and really only one why you should,

Because you are drawn to it!

It intrigues you, plays on your mind, is on your bucket/to do list…
  Writing isn’t difficult But… Getting over the hurdles can be.
Stay tuned for the next date.
Learn to have fun with writing How to get started How to keep going Why you need to write Understanding writing in a whole new context. And to Write for the Love of it!

Hi I am…

Glenna Mageau. I love where I am at now—an award winning author, speaker, coach. I have written everything from self help to children’s stories, poetry to suspense/thrillers. I have five published award winning novels and I have a sixth humor nonfiction book about to be published.


It wasn’t always this way. I had always believed ‘Who am I?” to be writing. It kept me stuck for a long time. I wrote my first novel at age 9 but it took me 40 years to find the courage to publish my writing. I know how overwhelming and daunting writing can feel. Now I know what it takes to write. I believe that everyone can be a writer and I want to show you how easy it is to get started and to keep going. I know what it takes to overcome the hurdles holding you back, I’ve been there. I have taught several writing courses, started the Women Writes Movement, and have inspired many women to not only get writing but to have fun with it.

Take writing off your ‘I want to write a story one day’ and make that day today.

The Write Workshop
Step out and write your story. Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • how to get started writing
  • simple steps that will remove the stress of writing
  • with each new step you to do exercises
  • to understand what is really holding you back
  • to look at your writing in a new context
  • how to easily make writing part of your life
  • look at your writing through the eyes of a reader
Discover how easy writing can be when approached the write way!
…a great introductory workshop. Just the right/write amount of info… great instructor… incredible knowledge and experience… Helen D

Dream Builder, Wonder Full Living

What People Are Saying

Everything!… loved the interactions, the exercises, the sharing of stories… Glenna kept it interesting and fun! Micki Findlay

Glenna has inspired me to write and ‘just write’! Jan Van De Meer

Amazing! Until today I have never shared any of my writing, let alone read it out loud to strangers!… Claire O'Connor

Very useful. Great analysis. Enjoyed all. Really, really good. Fran D.

Here’s a sneak peak at the workshop
Getting started is easier than you think.
  Take writing off your, ‘I want to write some day’ and make that day today!   With the simple steps I teach not only will you have the tools to easily get your story written, and you’ll easily be able to add writing into your day.  
Loved it. So happy I came. Great info., well presented, very engaging. I have lots to take home and use. A. Gamblin

The Belief Connection

Still Have Questions?

I've never really written anything
That’s okay, this workshop will get you started writing. You don’t have to have written anything before, you just need to be curious about writing.
I've written something but don't know what to do with it
Congratulations. That is so awesome. This course is about how to get writing and keep writing and how to look at your writing differently.
I was never any good in English class
This workshop will help you to understand that you can write. That you are a writer. Writing and the rules of the English language are two different things. Writing is about how to get your ideas, you story down on paper so that you have something to play with. All the English language rules can be fixed in the rewrites. Editors are wonderful for that.
I don't know if writing is for me
Writing is so wonderful, it is a great way to open your imagination, to expand your creativity and it is cathartic. I truly believe that writing can help you deal with any stress, struggle and expand the joy in your life.
I want to write but don't have time
I show you some quick and easy steps about how to get started writing and how to make it part of your routine, so that it isn’t overwhelming or another thing to add to your ‘to do’ list.
I was always told I wasn't any good at writing
Truthfully so was I. I never felt like I wrote good stories or was a good writer but I’ve learned to be. Like anything you want to be good at you need to put some time into it and you need to approach it the right way. I want to show you some easy steps you can follow that will get you writing and keep your interest in writing.
Stay tuned for the next date  
Learn to have fun with writing How to get started How to keep going Why you need to write How to look at what you do through the eyes of a reader And to Write for the Love of it!
I enjoyed the workshop a lot. It gave me inspiration to write more with confidence and passion. R.M.H.

…enjoyed being given license to ‘do my own thing’… explained 1 size doesn’t fit all and forget the critics… Kathy Gomez

You are a writer!

Let me show you how to get started and keep going!


Get your story written!

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