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What if you could get writing

without all the hassles, the shoulds and the ovewhelm?


I tried to follow the Rules


to write every day

to write down every idea

to have a writing schedule

to do an outline

to start at the beginning and write the story in order

to show don’t tell

to write in complete, punctuated sentences

to make it sound good the first time

to write what you know

to make the main character likeable

Not to end a sentence with a preposition

to make sure you use the right word – then vs than;
their vs there vs they’re…

to always write in past tense, third person

to punctuate properly

I’m Glenna Mageau.

I have had a lifelong love with writing.


I didn’t do anything with it for a long time. I spent too much time worrying about it not being good enough, who was I, how do I make it interesting, why couldn’t I make it sound like it did in my head…

Believe me, I made up every excuse as to why I wasn’t writing, why it wasn’t good, why I wasn’t doing anything with my writing… It was so frustrating.

I had a choice, I could keep wishing and wanting to be a writer or I could do something about it.

I was holding myself back because I couldn’t take an idea and make it sound good and I didn’t want to be judged. And because of that I was too scared to step up… to step out… to get help from those who had more experience than me.

Big Mistake!

Finally, I gave up the struggle and started taking courses and working with other writers and authors. Those were the best decisions I ever made. My writing soared after that.

I finally got the skills and courage to not only write more but to finally get to the point of being published.

I learned to critique my own writing in a way that made me want to make it better and not give up in despair.

I learned how to work with my inner critic and how to shift my mindset to one of writing success.

I now have 8 published books – 5 suspense/thrillers and 3 heart-touching and humor nonfiction.


Here’s What I Did


I put the FUN back in writing.


Rules have a place,

but how and when you use them is key to succeeding with writing.

Do you have an idea for a story or a book? But…


You can’t find the time.

It feels like work.

The idea has been with you for a long time.

Or maybe its a new idea.

You’re not sure who would read what you write?

Or who would believe that you could?

What if others criticize it?

Or maybe you feel stuck? overwhelmed? lost in your story?

These are problems and concerns every author faces.

Do not let these issues become the road block that keeps you from writing
and doing what you love.

Writing is an amazing gift but it is not always easy to keep on track
or to get it to go where you want it to go.

Put the FUN back in your writing!

You’ll find it so much easier to get your book written.

I’ve published 8 novels but I have also written over twenty.

I know what if feels like to be stuck, to have too many ideas…


I also know how to get it done. And I can help you do the same.

Let’s Get You Writing!


I learned way too much to list everything but you opened up many doors that were previously closed… Splendid… Inspiring…

Bette-Jane Pearse

I love how you structure your training… thank you for helping me realize I can write and will always be able to write.

Jan Van Der Meer

It’s an amazing feeling to hold the book you written in your own hands.

Do not let the naysayers nor the internal bully, stop you from fulfilling your dream.

Do not let your idea nag at you and nag at you, because it will soon feel like work and

it will be really difficult to get started and to keep going.

Let me show you an easy way to get writing,

get over the hurdles holding you back and how to keep writing.


I feel more confident that I am a writer and I do have a message.
I have never taken a course like this before, it has huge value for me.

Margaret Humphries

Glenna made it enjoyable and fun. I learned to give myself more time and patience and to develop
my own unique voice and what I want to say. Enjoyed a new way of looking at my writing.

Such an enjoyable experience.

A. J.

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