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The Women Writes Movement is a hub for women who want to write, are drawn to write or are writing and who want to fully step into and develop their craft as well as have a place to share their stories, their journeys, their love of writing, their successes and their struggles. It is a place where you can safely learn and grow with writing.

Writing is an amazing gift but it also one that can make us feel alone and question whether we are any good at it.

  • do you feel unsure about your writing
  • are you unsure what you want to do with your writing
  • do you question if you’re qualified to write what you want to write
  • do you struggle with getting started
  • do you struggle with continuing on with your writing
  • do you struggle to make your writing interesting

You’re not alone!

A few years ago I interviewed women over the age of 70, who in their youth had stepped outside the norm and had gotten educated and/or had gotten a job. Can you imagine the hurdles they were up against? In the process, I met women who also did not step outside the norm but what I discovered was that everyone had a story or message to share.

They are who inspired me to create the Women Writes Movement.

The Women Writes Movement is a place for women to step into their own and find their voice through writing.

So… if you are:

  • a woman who is drawn to writing
  • who would love to learn more about writing
  • who wants to overcome the hurdles holding you back
  • who wants to learn more about everything to do with writing to publishing

Then… Women Writes Movement just might be for you.

Glenna is a very generous woman – generous with her hard earned knowledge and expertise in the writing process. She is also completely dedicated in helping women figure the beautiful mystery of writing out. She is an accessible mentor and a wise guide. Every women who needs a writing sherpa would do well engaging her.

Clelia Wilson

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