Write for the Love of it!
How did the Women Writes Movement Come About
Glenna Mageau, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach
A few years ago I interviewed women over the age of 70, who in their youth had stepped outside the norm and had gotten educated and/or had gotten a job. My mom had been one of those women. She was one of two women to graduate from University in a class of 126. That always amazed and impressed me and inspired me to find out more. What inspired women, like my mom, to do something different?

Interviewing these women was amazing. I met some truly incredible women. I told many that they needed to write their stories, to share their experiences and what gave them the impetus to step outside the norm and know there was more for them.

All of them told me they didn’t do anything special. Or something that any other woman wouldn’t have done.

True. Any woman could have done what they did but not every woman did.

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Write… because you can
It’s just like writing, anyone can do it but not everyone will do it.

Because these women did step up and step out, they helped to change the lives of every woman today.

But it wasn’t just because of those women who stepped up and stepped out. The women who stayed home as housewives and mothers, and the men, who believed in something more for women, are who helped to make change for all women.

Change is made by one person or one positive action and in a belief for something more. Something better. And in the steps taken to make that happen. But change is so much easier when you have someone else to share it with. Someone who gets it the way you do.

It really inspired me because there are a lot of women who step up and find their dream and there are a lot of women who don’t but the truth is all struggle with believing they are good enough. So I created the Women Writes Movement to provide a hub for women to share their stories, their journeys, their love of writing, their successes and their struggles because we are all truly in this together.


Women are incredible but don’t often know it. We work hard, we strive for something better for our loved ones, often forgetting we deserve more as well. We put our head down and do what needs to be done.

But the time to make change for you, is now. The time to step into that dream of writing and sharing your stories is now.

And that’s what I want you to know, that who you are matters and what you do matters. If for no one else but you. For now, just write for you. Write because you want to. Write because you need to. The why really doesn’t matter. The fact that you’re writing does. So write.

What's your story
“Write for the Love of It!”
It won’t be perfect. It won’t even be really good to begin with. But write. The more you do the more you’ll understand and the better you will become at crafting stories or making your message clear.

Welcome to the Women Writes Movement

What brought about the woman writes movement

Glenna Mageau, a prolific writer and award-winning suspense/thriller author. Having written most of her life, she is on a quest to inspire women to find their voice through writing. Writing is an amazing gift but it pulls and pushes at the same time. It pulls you to want to write but it also pushes you away. At times, it can feel daunting and you may find you become proficient at procrastination. I can help you to get started and keep going so that you get your story, your message written. Step into your gift of writing, I’ll show you the way.

Write for the Love of it!

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