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Writing a book has different phases and stages to it

Glenna Mageau, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

Having an idea to write a book is amazing, sitting down and doing it though is something different. Unfortunately there are some things that will get in your way.

The biggest hurdles you are going to face when writing your story are:

  Getting started

  Making it interesting

  Keeping your focus so you    can get it written

Not that big of a deal right? After all, people are saying they want to write a book all the time. A big mistake many people make is they think writing a book is easy. If they come up with an idea they simply have to sit down and write. They just need to put words on paper.

It’s not easy but it’s not hard either

Technically that is what writing is about, putting words on paper, but ask anyone who has tried to sit down and or has sat down to write a book and they will tell you it is anything but easy. It’s not. But I don’t want you to think it’s hard either. It is a process that takes time and commitment. You can decide how long it takes you, you can do it in 30, 60 or 90 days, but it can also be written in 6 months, a year, or… Do what works for you. Don’t add pressure on yourself thinking you have to write it quickly, find a process that will get you writing and keep you writing.

Writing a book takes time

Let’s be clear, writing a book takes time. How much time is totally up to you but writing a book goes through many phases. It is so much more than words to paper. It is about finding the right words, the write phrases, the right way of putting it all together so that it makes sense, is interesting and intriguing, and takes the reader on a journey, but it doesn’t happen in one sitting. This is where the phases of writing the book come in.

Your writing will probably start out kind of yucky, lackluster, unfocused, and amazing, but as you go through the phases, your idea and your writing will start to become the book that you were hoping to write.

It must be easy right?

Not a big of a deal right? People often are saying they want to write a book but the biggest mistake they make is thinking that writing a book is easy. It’s not, but I don’t want you to think it’s hard either. If you want to get your book written than you have to stick with it for a period of time. That doesn’t mean you have to write or rewrite every day. Your process is one that needs to work for you.


There is a difference between the writing stage, the final rough draft, the rewrites, the Beta, the rewrites, the final ARC, the final edited copy and the published copy.

Too often people think writing is like this:

This is more what it looks like:


Each is but a step in the writing process.

It really looks like this:

1. Writing – simply getting words on paper, from idea to writing it down, doesn’t necessarily sound great

2. Final rough draft – finish writing the story, realize there are plot/story/message holes, doesn’t flow, doesn’t all make sense, out of order, meh

3. Rewrites – ask questions, fill in gaps, organize it, remove too much info, make it a readable/engaging story, make it believable, find errors, now it is starting to sound like your idea

4. The Beta copy – you send it out to a Beta team to get feedback

5. The Rewrites – now seeing it through new eyes rewrite what is missing, what is too much… This is where you dig deep to make it really good

6. The Final ARC – Advance Review Copy – it is now good, it makes sense, plot/story/message holes are filled, it’s good maybe even really good, ready for advanced feedback and new eyes to see it, get reviews

7. The Edited copy – ooh the editor found a few grammar issues, sentence issues, typos, some story/message issues you missed

8. The Final Rewrites – review what the editor discovered and fix what needs to be fixed

9. Published copy – has been reformatted for ebook or paperback, ready for the world to read
10. Celebrate – way to go, you got it published. Truly celebrate each step along this journey

Not include in this list is the hair pulling, the confusion, the overwhelm, the frustration, the excitement, the joy, the surprise, the passion, the uncertainty, the doubts… and all the other fun things that go with writing a book.

Write, get your idea down on paper then worry about what it looks like

It will be messy and convoluted – enjoy the journey

You may think you’re going to write your book and that it should sound and look like a published copy, all polished and perfect by the time you are finished writing it. That isn’t what happens, not without a lot of years of writing or amazing luck/skill.

Writing is a process. It often starts out messy and convoluted but when you stick with it, it ends up something amazing. When you understand that, it can be so much easier to get started and to keep writing.

“Writing is a process, not a sprint.”

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