What others have said about working with me…

I have known Glenna Mageau for several years and I have always been impressed with her willingness to lend assistance… she has a vast knowledge about life… and has always been generous about imparting her knowledge to help others in their life and career journeys. I can always depend on her to provide thoughtful advice, going above and beyond to answer specific questions. I highly recommend any of Glenna’s services. You won’t be disappointed!

Patricia Terrell

Multi-Award Winning Author

Glenna is a very generous woman – generous with her hard earned knowledge and expertise… She is also completely dedicated in helping women figure the beautiful mystery of life. She is an accessible mentor and a wise guide. Every women who needs a sherpa would do well engaging her.
C C Wilson

“Glenna taught me we all share the same fear, we all have something to share… and that we can all be confident in our writing… I recommend Glenna’s teaching.”

Cheryle Cook

“Glenna has inspired me to make the time to write and just write! Excellent exercises… Inspiring… all was very well done.”

Jane Hildebrand

“I feel encouraged and validated to write… The information was well designed and presented… I learned that when I sit down to write, words come when I stop pushing.”

Georgii Marche

“Working with Glenna means you really want something different. With kind but firm guidance she will walk you through those limiting beliefs that are keeping you from following your dream of writing. She helps you to explore where you’re at and where you want to be so you can design your path to achieve your dream. With her in-depth experience and knowledge she is able to give you insight, tips and skills so you can transform your life. Such a powerful experience.”
Pari Patri

Glenna holds space of the compassionate lagoon. She offers her heart and intellect in the highest service. She helps hold and support me in my truest essence. I am forever grateful for Glenna’s open heart and deep presence. Sat Nam.
Sangeet Bachan Kaur

“Not clear on what you want to write? Or how to do it? If you are feeling stuck, Glenna will show you how to open doors that you may think are closed to you. She will guide you through a process to discover what really has meaning for you, what is important and what isn’t and how to overcome that voice in your head that tells you ‘you’re not enough’. She will help you to believe in yourself so that you feel empowered and inspired to look after ‘Me First’. When you learn that you will understand this is key to living your dream of writing a book. Empower yourself and live your dream, work with Glenna.”
Chana Tolkin

“Glenna’s greatest gift is her ability to hold positive space for you to work through your issues and to guide you as you need. Since she has overcome a lot to get where she is at, she really ‘gets’ the not feeling good enough but taking the leap anyway. She works with you to get at the ‘root’ of the problem and then to create a plan to overcome that hurdle that seems gargantuan. Glenna is a true inspiration and kind-hearted guide.”
Anissa Aumont

Be You Find Him

“Glenna is such an inspiration. Her approach lets you know you are not alone, especially in how you feel and what stops you from moving forward and writing your book. She helps you to understand that others are interested in what you do and how you do it and that by not sharing your gifts you are stopping others from stepping into their dream. You will discover you can take the leap and know you will be fine. You will become excited to share your gift with the world. It’s time to take the leap.”
Lynda Gera

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