Scrivener the Key to Successful Writing MasterClass

The software that keeps you organized and focussed.


Simple Layout

It looks complicated but once you understand it, it is really quite easy to use.


Storage for Writing, Resources, Images, Notes...

Keep everything about your story or book in one place.


Keeps You Organized

It gives different formats that work for most writers. Easily rearrange information.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

 The types of software there are for writing

 Why I recommend Scrivener

 An indepth look at how I use Scrivener

 How to get started with Scrivener

 Setting up your first novel or book

 Using Scrivener to your advantage

Learn Scrivener Fast

Remove the Stress

Get Organized

Get Started

Writing is meant to be fun.

Learn how using Scrivener can keep the fun in creating fiction and nonfiction.

I’m Glenna Mageau. Scrivener made me a better writer. I’ve been a writer most of my life. In the beginning I used Corel Word (not sure of the exact name), Open Office Word program and then Microsoft Word. They all worked really well in that my story was typed. That made it easier to revise, edit, to send to a publisher, to post online, to self publish…

And then I discovered Scrivener. It totally changed how I wrote. I’ve never been one to write a story linearly. I tried many times but other scenes would come to me, so I’d jot them down but try to keep focussed going chapter by chapter. Well Scrivener caters to any type of writer but it works well for people like me. I don’t have to write my story in order and it allows me to rearrange chapters or portions of chapters extremely easily. Rewriting is so much easier and enjoyable as well. I used to dread thinking about rewrites (why I have 15 novels that haven’t had anything done with them) but now I love rewriting. And I attribute some of that to Scrivener. It has made it so much easier to rearrange information, format and layout how you want, keep all your research, all your edits, and cuts in one place. The time it saves from just hunting down notes that I had taken for the novel is immeasurable.

To be honest though, it took me a while to figure Scrivener out. I almost gave up on it  but I’m so glad I didn’t. I love that I have all of my information in one place – my story, my notes, the cuts, the research, the images, the resources, the quotes, my character sketches, my outline, my settings… It’s all right there. And believe me when I have to go back into one of my older novels that isn’t in Scrivener I find it very painful to find information and to even go through. Another thing that I absolutely love about Scrivener is that it has this feature where I can tag chapters with anything so I can easily find them but I can also label chapters by a certain character’s POV. So if I need to know what my antagonist is up to and want to make sure it makes sense, then I can pull up just those chapters and look at them.

Let me save you time and stress. I’d like to show you inside Scrivener.

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