Women Writes Movement

Helping women find their voice through writing.

What I Do Best

Teach you how to become a writer and how to write compelling, interesting stories.


Helping you decide what story or topic to write on.

Become a Hurdler

Overcome the hurdles that are holding you back.

Getting Your Story Written

How to get your information down on paper.

Content Strategy

What should you include in your story and how to get that all down. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plotter or a panster.

Add depth to your story

Make your story interesting. Give it color and bring it to life.


Helping you navigate whether self publishing or traditional publishing is for you.

Attend my Workshop

The Write Workshop for Women teaches you some simple techniques that will get you started writing and show you how easy it truly is.

Work One On One with Me

This is your opportunity to really take your writing to the next level and get your story written.

I am there with you mentoring, coaching you, guiding you and keeping you on track.

No more stress because you aren’t doing it alone. You’ve got me to guide you but you still have to do the work.

I know what it takes to get a book written. I’ve published 5 suspense/thrillers and one nonfiction humor. And I am an award winning author. I know what it takes to slay those inner writing demons that are keeping you from stepping into your writing.

Contact me today, to have a Free Breakthrough Call.

Interviewing Wise Women

If your mom or a woman you know was born before 1940 and stepped outside the norm for women. I would love to talk to her about my doing an interview with her so that she has that video to pass on to her family so that her story isn’t lost.

What she did was to help open doors for women of today.


Check out my books

Untangle a web of secrets, lies and deceit…

or read nonficton humor…



I feel more confident and that I am a writer and I do have a message. I have never taken a course like this before, it has huge value for me

Margaret Humphries

Glenna made it enjoyable and fun. I learned to give myself more time and patience and to develop my own unique voice and what I want to say. Enjoyed a new way of looking at my writing. Such an enjoyable experience.


I learned to flush out ideas through the exercises. Glenna presented material clearly, was organized and knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyed the material.

Clelia Wilson

Let’s Work Together

If you know you’d like to write but can’t get started or keep going, then let’s chat and see where you at and where you’d like to go with your writing.

Want to get Started Writing?

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