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The Novel Business – 52 Weeks of Marketing Success

Glenna Mageau, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

Writing the book is just the beginning.

I know for many writers that is all they want to do – write the book and let someone else worry about marketing it. But the truth is that even if you’re with a traditional publisher, you are going to need to market yourself. Only those who have a big name or have sold lots can get away without doing a lot of their own marketing. Other than those people, you will be expected to do the work to get your book out there. In all honesty, it is in your best interest. You’ll better understand the process, what’s required, what’s needed and get a better appreciation for who is reading your book.

Believe me I know how scary that is. You know your story is good but then having to put yourself out there? That’s not so easy.

There’s always the questions:

Where do I start?

How do I do it?

What do I do?


If you want to market well, you need to have a plan.

Marketing is just like writing your story, at some point you just need to start. You can device a plan and then start or you can just start. The important thing is that you do something. That you don’t allow yourself to be held back because you’re unsure what to do, how to do it and where to start. Again just like writing your story, do something and then learn from it. Go back and see what you did, what worked, what didn’t and what can you do differently.

There is a lot to learn. But there are also some amazing resources out there for you. And I’ve found something that will help you. How do I know? Because I’m taking the course and have found it so invaluable. I’ve been marketing for a while but I am learning lots.

The great news is that I found this amazing course that is 52 Weeks of Marketing Success. The really good thing about this course is that it is written by an author for authors. PM Terrell provides an incredible amount of information each week on the steps you need to take to understand the marketing world, what you need to do to market and how to use social media to get your book noticed.



I’d like to introduce you to the course

52 Weeks of Marketing Success



Plan for writing

What’s included in the course?


Week 1: Why you write, using that reason to increase your sales, and defining your marketing, promotional and sales objectives

Week 2: Looking at the market for your genre; sales potential, bestselling authors and your competition

New York LibraryWeek 3: Defining your ideal reader; how to locate and connect with them

Week 4: Selling to Businesses (Libraries, Bookstores, Retailers) and Selling Direct to the Reader

Week 5: Thinking like a journalist to sell more books

Week 6: Understanding why people read and tapping into those emotional reasons

Week 7: Staying on top of market trends and adjusting your marketing and sales efforts

Product Life CycleWeek 8: Setting goals for market growth over time and understanding the product cycle

Week 9: Determining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as an author

Week 10: A deep dive into your competition – and how to reach their audience

Week 11: Looking at your book as a product and you are the business

Week 12: Pricing and discount strategies

Week 13: Understanding distribution and the placement of your books

Week 14: Understanding the differences between marketing, promotions and sales; using blogging as a hub

printing pressWeek 15: Special interest stories for newspapers, magazines and online content

Week 16: Establishing yourself as an expert and ways to make it pay

Week 17: Social media marketing: Twitter

Week 18: Social media marketing: Facebook

Week 19: Social media marketing: Pinterest

Week 20: Social media marketing: Instagram

Week 21: Social media marketing: YouTube

Week 22: Social media marketing: LinkedIn

Week 23: Social media marketing: Analyzing other channels

Week 24: Google: AdWords, Key words, descriptors

Social Media

Week 25: Advertising: YouTube

Week 26: Advertising: Facebook

Week 27: Advertising: Twitter

Week 28: Advertising: Assessing other social media channels

Week 29: Running the numbers

Week 30: The conversion rate

Week 31: Newspapers – advertising versus content and stories

Week 32: Magazines – advertising versus content and stories

Week 33: Radio – as a guest and with advertising

Week 34: Television – as a guest and with advertising

Week 35: Promotional giveaways – and why you don’t give away your book

Week 36: Blog Tours

PressWeek 37: Book Store Signings

Week 38: Signings vs. Talks vs. Events

Week 39: Libraries

Week 40: Community Events

Week 41: Maximize your exposure before, during and after the event

Week 42: Hand-out items

Week 43: Using reader enthusiasm

Week 44: Promotional items for campaign selling

eMarketingWeek 45: The email campaign

Week 46: Snail Mail: when it’s worth it

Week 47: Advanced Blogging – visuals, multimedia

Week 48: Sales forecasts and projections and breaking even

Week 49: Stages of a book launch

Week 50: Implementation strategy

Week 51: Milestones and contingencies

Week 52: Using this method for all your books and launches

“Marketing your novel is the key to Your Success.”

Patricia McClelland Terrell writes under the pen name p.m.terrell. She has been a published author since 1984 and a full-time author since 2002. She has written more than 20 books in several genres, including suspense, historical and non-fiction. She is also the founder of Book ‘Em North Carolina Writers Conference and Book Fair and the founder of The Novel Business.

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