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Every woman has a story to tell. And every woman should share her story, her knowledge, her wisdom, her journey…

What is your idea that you’d like to write? How can I help you get over the hurdles holding you back?


It took me a long time to discover the real power of writing and the gifts that it gives us.

Hi. I’m Glenna Mageau, award-winning author, speaker and coach and founder of The Women Writes Movement. I have published 8 books – 5 suspense/thrillers, 2 heart touching humor nonfiction.

I’ve written most of my life. I wrote my first novel at the age of 9. It eventually ended up in the garbage can as I was too embarrassed that someone might actually read it. Today, I wish I had it as I would love to know exactly what I wrote. I don’t but it did start my life long love of writing.

You’d think from that early start I might have jumped on the writing wagon and started doing something with my writing at a young age. But I didn’t. I wrote off and on for years but never really got the nerve to share it.

I did not grow up in an environment – at home or in the community – where I was encouraged to write. To read was an absolute must, but to write… not at all.

And of course, I believed that my writing wasn’t good enough. That didn’t stop me from writing but it did stop me from sharing my writing. In the early 90’s, the compelling power to write was nudging me constantly, so I started taking writing courses. In the late 90’s, I finally found the courage to join a writing group. Whew, that was hard. Then I joined a critique group. 

I reached out and asked for help from those who had been where I was. It totally transformed how I wrote, how I look at writing and how I approach writing.

From there I finally got the nerve to spread my wings and write more stories and do something with them.


The sad truth though was that I had to get over myself. The fear, the doubts, the judgement I was sure would come, held me back. I did send out a few queries to publishers but of course got a ‘sorry, not interested’. And they were right. Not that my stories were bad but the letters I was sending were very boring. I didn’t know how to grab their attention or let them know how interesting my story was.

2008 was the year that changed my life. It was the year from hell, everything went wrong that could go wrong. Along with everything else going wrong, I lost two people in a very short period of time and almost a third.

Once I got through the year though, I looked back at it and realized that I was not going forth anymore with wishing and wanting. The two people I lost that year, left this world with regrets and I promised I wouldn’t do that.

It inspired me to take action.

I now have written over 20 books – fiction and nonfiction. Eight are published. The other ones I consider my practice sessions. I used to believe that when I wrote a story, it had to be great as soon as I had written it or it was crap. Little did I know that was not true. It’s in the rewrites that the magic happens.

I know what it’s like to want to write… to want to do something with your writing… to want to share your wisdom, your journey, your knowledge, but feeling it’s not good enough… or not sure where or how to start…

And I know what it feels like to finally getting to that place of taking those steps… Writing and publishing your book.

I want that for you.

Through my whole journey I felt I had to do it on my own. It was not fun and I had to work hard to figure everything out. It was slow and painful. It was when I reached out and I started working with others to learn how to make my writing better, how to change how I saw my writing that I finally was able to write stories that were compelling and interesting and to get over that hurdle that my writing was worth publishing.

I’ll help you make your dream a reality… and give you the tools to write your book.

The Women Writes Movement

really came about because of interviews I had done with women over the age of 80, who stepped outside the norm for their day. They did what most women weren’t – getting educated or getting a job. It was while I was doing this, that I started reading about the Women’s Rights Movement (also known as the suffragette movement – not really a nice name for what was a powerful endeavor).

Many of these women I interviewed had never shared their story.

It really inspired me because there are a lot of women who step up and find their dream and there are a lot of women who don’t but the truth is all struggle with believing they are good enough. So I created the Women Writes Movement to provide a hub for women to share their stories, their journeys, their love of writing, their successes and their struggles because we are all truly in this together.

The Women Writes Movement is a place for you to find the tools and resources you need, along with the support to get you on your writing journey, keep you going and get your book written.
Women Writes Movement
Helping Women Find Their Voice Through Writing
© 2016 Glenna Mageau
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