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I write Nonfiction Humor and Suspense Thrillers.

Nonfiction Humor Book

Nonfiction Humor - Don't Laugh

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What Readers are Saying

“…Funny and fully relatable, its down-to-earth contents describe an all too familiar experience…

Giselle Jubinville

Healer, The Art Message

Don’t Laugh offers a lighthearted way of changing the world, one pee at a time… 

Donna Barker

Award-Winning Author, Write Woman Write

Don’t Laugh” is a hilarious read that every woman can relate to...”

PM Terrell

International Multi Award Winning Author, PM Terrell and The Novel Business

This amazing little book captures the private and public thoughts of women waiting In-Line for a Women’s Public Bathroom. It will make you laugh out loud!

Diane Albano

Ed.D., Owner, Author, LEAD Consulting and Coaching and Author of Nice Has No Voice Self-leadership Strategies


The Caspian Wine Series


Other Suspense/Thrillers By Maggie Thom

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Ebook – Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Smashwords, Pronoun, Most other places

Paperback – Amazon, Create Space

What Readers are Saying

“…I had a hard time putting it down so I could my chores. You had me down to the last page…”


“…I love the story line and the emotions that come with trying to find the truth and learn who to trust. The way that the characters interact with each other is something that I could see actually happening…”

Miranda Shanklin

“…A brilliant read from Maggie Thoms it’s the first of her books I’ve read I loved it have already bought 2 others…”

Gillian Petrie

“Love the strong female lead character. Maggie has a special dial way of connecting all the dots and releases the information in the right moments…”


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