Marketing Your Novel or Book

Marketing Your Novel or Book

How do you Market Your Novel and Overcome the Nerves to “Sell”?

Have a Plan

Knowing what, when and how makes all the difference in your marketing.


Put the time into it

Marketing is like anything, if you plan for it, you will get good at it.


It can be fun

Marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

 The need for a marketing plan

 Why you need to market

 How to market

 When to market

 The truth about marketing

Getting over your nerves

 My marketing plan

Simple steps to follow

Create a plan

Get Organized

Know what to do

Marketing doesn’t have to be scary, overwhelming or make you feel sick to do.

Learn how to plan, along with the why and how to market.

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I’m Glenna Mageau. When I started this journey 5 + years ago, marketing didn’t even enter my mind. It was get the book published and out there. I came from the mentality that once I published it on all the ebook sites like Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble… that people would find me.

I soon discovered that isn’t how it works. And without doing some work I now had a published novel but no one was finding it. Time to figure it out fast. I really disliked the idea of trying to draw attention to myself. I felt caught in this vortex wanting people to find my novel but scared spitless they actually would. It panicked me and made me feel slightly ill.

It has taken some time but I have become comfortable with marketing and am learning new ways all the time. I will share with you what I have done to market my latest novel, Split Seconds and how I overcame my nerves.

Let me save you time and stress. I’d like to show you the marketing steps that work.

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