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I am thrilled to have had the privilege of interviewing Donna Barker. We connected a few years ago online. I’m not really sure how we got started but I think we ‘met’ in a Facebook group and realized we had some similar interests. Since that time, we’ve kept in touch through email and I’ve been interviewed by Donna for her membership site – Write Woman Write!

Donna shares her journey with writing and what she has learned along the way.

A truly invaluable interview.

Award-winning author, highly rated facilitator and speaker, engaging video interviewer for creative heroines, lifelong learner and teacher, motivational writing coach. She has a degree in communication studies with a major in documentary film-making, over 25 years as ghost writer, technical writer, curriculum developer for progressive not-for-profit organizations. She has written two novels and published one, with another 5 in the works, developed adult ed workshops and seminars on over 40 topics for her clients, delivered over 120 days of in person writing, communication and financial literacy workshops in at least 30 Canadian cities and towns, as well as in the USA, Sri Lanka and Saipan. She has taken 19 online courses and attended about 50 in person workshops related to fiction writing. She is the cocreator of The Creative Woman’s Summit: Passion to Profit, VP of Vancouver chapter of Romance Writers of America, a member of the writers union of Canada and creator of Write Woman Write.



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