Fire Procrastination

Let’s Get Writing!

Are you struggling to get started with writing? Or to keep writing?

Your idea for a book isn’t easily forgotten. It has a way of staying with you, even when you’re struggling to get it down on paper.

This might be a new idea or one that has been hanging around with you weeks, months or years but you just can’t seem to get it written. Or if you’ve started writing maybe you’ve lost clarity, interest, or motivation to keep going.

I hear you and you don’t have to be stuck any more!

It’s time to reconnect with your idea and get back to writing so you can finally complete your book.


In my FREE, LIVE, Online Training,

Fire Procrastination, Let’s Get Writing

You will discover:

A whole new approach, one with simple techniques that will get you writing.

The method is easy to adopt and fully repeatable, so you can apply
it not only to your current idea, 
but any other you want as well!


Hi I am….

Glenna Mageau, an award-winning author, speaker, coach and founder of The Women Writes Movement. I have 9 published books – 5 suspense/thrillers and 4 heart-touching nonfiction. My 10th book will be out in 2020.

I know what it’s like to want to write but not be able to… I know what it’s like to have too many ideas and keep jumping from one to another… I know what it’s like to wonder, ‘Who am I?’… I spent over 25 years in a corporate career, which I enjoyed but my real love has always been writing. It took me a long time to shove aside my fears and take the leap to being an author. I want the same for you.

Through my journey I have discovered a whole new approach to writing, a new way to look at it and a new and fun way that will help you to get writing without the overwhelm, confusion or frustration.

It is incredibly exciting when you overcome your hurdles and realize you can write, you can focus, you can write your book and be a published author!

Let’s get you writing.

Fire Procrastination


Let’s Get Writing!

Fire Procrastination – Let’s Get Writing 

is perfect for you if:

– You are feeling stuck, unsure where to start or how to keep going

– You have no idea how to take your idea and grow it into a book

– You aren’t sure how to make it interesting

– You are struggling to stay focused on your idea

– How to get over your hurdles and get the words flowing

– How to shake off the overwhelm and frustration

In this FREE, Live, Online

Course, with Me

 You will learn:

How to breathe life into your idea and get writing so you can get it off your ‘to do’ list
How to overcome the hurdles keeping you stuck
How to get started writing, easily and effortlessly
Tips and tools that can be used in a number of ways to grow your idea, your story and keep you writing
How to make writing easy!


Holding onto that idea and not writing it,

means it will keep nagging and bugging you

and it still won’t get written.

Learn how to make writing easy.

Get started writing today!

New Training Date.

October 2, 2019

1:00  p.m. PDT


Fire Procrastination – Let’s Get Writing

Unsure how to get started?

Where to get started? What to write?

How to take your idea and write a book around it?


Stop struggling and start writing, today.


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What People Are Saying

“The workshop was well organized and presented… I felt encouraged and validated. Thank you Glenna.”


“So helpful. I was able to take my idea and dig into it. To understand it better. I also have a much clearer idea of what I need to do to get writing. I have a few road blocks. LOL. Loved how Glenna helped each person with their idea. Fabulous…”


“Very helpful. Excellent facilitation of discussions. Thought provoking. Well structured and timed. Worth it…”

Janie P.

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