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It can be tough to believe in your writing

Glenna Mageau, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

Do you shy away from writing? Do you feel somewhat intimidated by it? You don’t feel that your writing is good, even though you want it to be? Or you don’t feel you know how to make it good?

Do you feel you’re an impostor as a writer?

 I know that feeling.

I know for a long time I felt like what if someone discovers I’m trying to be a writer… but they realize I’m not. Or they think that what I write is terrible. Then what? I love writing, I want to write a book but what if I suck at it? What if others think I’m an impostor?

I always felt like my writing wasn’t very good and who was I to write. I love to read and have several favorite authors. Unfortunately, I always felt like I could never write like… (put any good author’s name here).

Now when I look back, I realize that my focus was so much on the wrong things. Of course, I probably wasn’t that great of a writer, I was just learning. But I always stood on the side of not being good enough. When what I should have been doing was just learning from all of those authors that I love. What did I love about their writing? What could I learn from them?

So much time wasted on worrying instead of figuring out how to make my writing  better.

Do you feel like that? Do you struggle with writing because you’re worried what other’s will think?

It is one of those things that really just keeps you stuck. Keeps you frustrated and wondering why you can’t write. But that idea that you got excite about writing about, hangs around nagging at you, reminding you that you should write. You know your idea is good and will help others or be good for others but… you just can’t get over that hurdle of actually writing it or doing the rewrites.

Too often as writers we strive for perfection.

The first time.  We want every word we put down to be perfect. As I mentioned in Writing is Perfectly Imperfect there is no such thing as perfect. What we need to strive for is good, maybe even great and then move on to the next story. It is truly by writing that we get better at it. The more we understand how to put a good story together, how to lay out the facts, how to tug at the emotions of the reader, how to draw them in, the better our writing will be.

You’re already a writer!

So it’s time to let go of that feeling of being an impostor or feeling like what you write is not good enough.

Do you want your writing to be good? Then write! That’s it. That’s how you get better at it. Well that and shift your focus. Your writing might not be great right now but if you keep focusing on how bad it is, you won’t write. It will feel too intimidating and become a big mass of what’s the point.

You need to write because no one will write like you. You need to write because it calls to you. You need to write because you have this idea for a great book.

Get your story down on paper and then you can rewrite it. It is in the rewrites that a really good story is built.

If you struggle with writing or rewriting, ask for help. Find someone to reach out to, set up a beta team to give you feedback, take courses, find someone to mentor you. Just make sure that you take the leap. You got this.

do you feel like an imposter as a writer

Step into those new shoes and write.

Here’s what you need to do:


Don’t let that evil twin, who is telling you you’re an impostor, win. Tell her to go fly a kite and let yourself write.


We spend way too much time worrying about all the rules, and should I or shouldn’t I… so I’m saving you some time.

So remove that voice, that feeling that makes you believe you aren’t good enough to write and what if someone figures out you aren’t a writer. Believe me you already are. You’ve got the talent and if you’re not really good now, you can be. 

And I bet you are way better than you think.

So should you shouldn’t you write?




You’re not an impostor.

Let your imagination be your gift not the thing that keeps you stuck!

Write… Write… Write…

“Writing is something that is very personal

but has far reaching value.”

do you feel like an imposter as a writer

Write for the Love of it!


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